Fraction Packed


We just cannot get enough of puns or units to help all of us (students included) out! I needed to buff up my 3rd grade fraction curriculum quite a bit so I created this fraction unit directly aligned to Common Core. My 3rd graders seem to have gotten a deep understanding of fractions from the last few weeks of work. Check it out!

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Move it! Make It! Manipulate It!


Finally, I am able to see a project through to the end this week. It seems like I've been constantly playing catch-up these last few weeks. I am very excited to share this post, as I was in some serious need of motivation, and I found it with the help of an amazing presenter and math enthusiast: Mrs. Eliza Sorte-Thomas. I had the extreme pleasure of attending my 3rd math workshop she has presented at. She has so many wonderful strategies and tools, but I am just going to share a few, 3 of which that have been great for my 3rd graders learning area and perimeter and fractions. So if you are teaching area, perimeter, multiplication and fractions here are some great tools for you!

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Masters of their Sight Words

You could say my sister and I are a bit of reading fanatics. We love teaching reading just about as much as we love seeing our students learn to read. As reading specialists we understand that students need both phonics instruction and sight words to read. We both use sight word flash cards and Fry Sight Word Books (created by yours truly) to help our students master their sight words. Both our students have become more fluent, confident readers since using these strategies. I want to show you what we do to teach sight word mastery so you can help your students master their sight words too!

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One of the Teachers that Could


Hello Teachers! I'm Bridget Metcalfe, a small town teacher with big goals and expectations for myself and my ten students. Ten students? Did this teacher just say she has only ten students? What?! 

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