Meet the Teachers


Hello Teachers! I'm Bridget Metcalfe, a small town teacher with big goals and expectations for myself and my ten students. Ten students? Did this teacher just say she has only ten students? What?! 

These are probably some questions running around your heads right about now. And the answer is yes, I do only have ten students. You see, I am a classroom teacher at a rural school on the hi-line of Montana, just a short drive away from the "big city" of Havre. My school is literally the Little School on the Prairie. Complete with wheat fields, big skies and friendly smiling faces. 

school sunrise

While I do only teach ten little smiling faces, I do teach grades K-3, and for now I wouldn't have it any other way. While my position does present many challenges (no on sight principal, counselor, tech person, nurse or secretary) it has allowed me to have an absolute blast in the first two years of teaching. Some of the opportunities are experiences any teacher, or person for that matter, would love, like programming lego robots, dinosaur digs and project based learning lessons that I am excited to share with you all in future blogs. 

lego programming

My school has also equipped me with some pretty great skills and outlooks on teaching. I can now differentiate instruction with my eyes-closed and my hands tied behind my back, a skill I am pretty proud of. I also have a pretty firm grasp on all Common Core Standards from kindergarten to 3rd grade, since I make sure to align nearly every.single.lesson to the standards. I have also been blessed with the opportunity to create and teach some pretty great project based learning lessons, which I have started this year and we (students included) all love! I know I still have a vast amount to learn about teaching (I always will). But I have come so far at Cottonwood West, mostly with the help of some fantastic teachers, bloggers and especially my twin sister Shanda. 


She is an outstanding teacher who shares my vision, passion, commitment and face. Together we hope to help our followers, ourselves and most importantly our students, reach all of our fullest potentials.