Summer Writing and More


Summer Writing and more!

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It is coming down to the end of another school year. And like usual I find myself excited to have a life again and enjoy my other hobbies. I have my summer reading list all ready to go, my Pinterest recipe board is calling my name, and my garden is just waiting to be dug in. While I am beyond ready to start my summer, I am still worried about the summer slip I know my students will have. Especially my low kiddos, who have struggled all year long just to climb back up from last summer's drop. So this year I have given my students a toolbox to battle that dreaded summer slip. In reading we visited the city library and checked out the awesome summer reading programs they have to inspire some summer reading. I have also set up a summer reading challenge I hope will keep them challenged and excited. We have reviewed some fun math flashcard games, and I have printed out some cards for them on cardstock in hopes that they will practice at least a bit. I have also set up all my little guys and gals with Xtramath accounts they can use at home on their own devices. If you haven't used Xtramath before you NEED to check it out because it is amazing!

Math pics

                                               Math Fact Fluency                           Multiplication Flash Card Freebie

But what to do for writing? Well, I have sent June, July and August Journal quick writes with them. We used their left over journals and they are all set to write in the park, the treehouse or at the lake! I don't expect tons of summer work, but just enough to keep their brains fresh and ready for the next year! 


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