Our Adventures in Plant Life Cycles

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We have been busy, busy, busy in first grade being biologists! We started our plants unit and have had loads of fun in science learning. We kicked off our unit with a nature walk to explore and observe the plant life around our school. It was a beautiful spring day and my little scientists made some excellent observations. I created a little nature walk recording page to record our findings. Click on the picture for the freebie!

20150411 222327 2

Nature Walk

We had a great time, until we ran into three snakes! Yikes, I cannot handle snakes!! To make matters worse, half my students ran screaming, and half were trying to pick them up. Needless to say, it got a little chaotic for a bit. It was great to see some "nature" though, and those little garter snakes sure made our nature walk memorable! :)

We also started out with a RAN Chart (Reading and Analyzing Nonfiction), which is sort of like a KWL, but a little more in depth. We recorded the information we already knew on sticky notes, and throughout our unit we will move the information and add more. We also have a vocabulary chart we have been adding new vocab words to. 

 RAN chart

Later in the week we actually started planting!! We planted Marigolds (for Mother's Day), and carrots. I planted a few extra Marigolds, so we can compare roots of the two different plants. I have been setting them outside for extra sunshine, and we already have some little Marigold sprouts, and the kids are ecstatic.

planting collage

For our carrots, I created a little recording booklet, so we can record the stages of plant growth. We recorded the steps we took for planting, and will keep up data recordings on our carrots' growth once a week until school ends. (Only 6 more weeks! Woot Woot)! There is also a graph to record plant height every week. Click on the picture to grab it from our TPT store for only 1 dollar!

Carrot Growth

seed planting collage

We also spent the week analyzing the Crunchy Carrots Grow Scholastic News using Kroger's Kindergarten's Scholastic News Response Pack! Which was FREE!!

Scholastic News 

 working collage

Tomorrow we are comparing The Tiny Seed and The Carrot Seed books! To grab the Venn Diagram click here.