The Ultimate Measuring Challenge


My second graders just finished up their measuring unit. How do you accurately assess a high interest math unit, which requires lots of hands on skills? With an ultimate measuring challenge around the classroom of course! 

 In the past I have had a hard time assessing measuring units/chapters. Measuring is a skill that needs to be practiced in real-world situations with lots of hands on learning. So to improve our measuring skills we did lots of measuring around the classroom, school and even outside. After our action-packed measuring unit I wanted to end with a bang that would really give me a true understanding of my students' measuring skills, and also help me make sure we have met our standards. I came up with an Ultimate Measuring Challenge! 

Painter's tape has been my trusty companion with many projects, and this one was no exception. For this measuring challenge I set up 5 different stations around the room with painters tape. Students then were staggered and moved around at their own pace. Here are the various stations:

Station 1-3


At these stations I had one tape line for each stop. Students had to choose what unit to measure in and then write why they chose that unit. They then had to measure the lines. 

Station 4


Next stop! Perimeter! We have been practicing perimeter in my classroom quite a bit so in this part of the challenge students also had to write the definition of perimeter. And I'm proud to report that nearly all of my students had no difficulties with this portion. Students had to measure the figure side by side, then find the total perimeter. 

Station 5


Finally the last stop of the challenge. I had three different length lines labeled and laid out. Students had to measure each line, then answer questions about the three lines.

After our hands-on assessment I was so proud of the work my students had put into their "Challenge." I saw some great results that I can trust to be a much more accurate measurement of my students skills.  I don't know if this will be helpful to anyone, but here is the Ultimate Measuring Challenge: UltimateMeasuringChallenge.pdf. Use as an assessment like I did, a fun afternoon inside or out, or however you can. After the great results of this challenge I am going to work hard to make more of my assessments hands-on and real world for students. No complaining! No grumbling! Just fun with assessments! 


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