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We have been hitting vowel teams HARD lately, and I am so proud of my little firsties! We are on a roll! I love this time of year (not only because summer is getting closer), but because my kiddos are really readers now. They can pick up a book, actually read it, and enjoy it! It makes my heart so happy.

With my Vowel Team pack, I have been able to get some great phonics learning in! We have been using flip books, fluency tools, and tons of Word Work activities! Now I'll admit, my Word Work station has been quite sad lately. The kids (and me) were tired of our old routine, and I knew for a while that I needed to spice things up. I worked hard to come up with some new activities and a new routine, and steer my Word Work away from a lot of worksheets or the same old thing we had been doing. What I have now has been AMAZING, I'm not "the grumpy teacher" anymore during Reading Groups, which makes us all much happier!! AND my kiddos have been getting some awesome phonics learning in, and are mastering their vowel teams! So let me share...

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Mondays are Picture-Word Pocket Chart Match. The students grab the letter tiles (I always sort out the letters they will need for the day's word work), and go to the pocket chart. They work together to match the pictures and words, then use the letter tiles to spell out each word. If they finish early, they grab a whiteboard and write sentences with the words. I love this because, there is always some awesome cooperative learning going on!

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Tuesdays are Scoot days. I have hooks around the room, so when I want to use Scoot games, I can just punch holes in the cards, and put them on hooks. Takes 2 minutes! Students go to Tuesday's drawer, grab a clipboard and recording page and write the room! When they finish they need to draw a picture of each word to show word comprehension.

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Wednesday are puzzle days. I have little word puzzles for each vowel team. Students put the puzzles together, then record the words they have made. I have a clip for each puzzle, and make sure my students are well practiced in putting the clip on each word puzzle after they finish, otherwise the puzzles can become a chaotic mess!

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Thursday's word work is everyone's favorite! Dab Books! My firsties LOVE using the bingo markers! They grab a book from Thursday's drawer and go to town choosing words to fill in sentences and match pictures. If they finish early, they know they get to color their pictures.

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Fridays are a bit different. Sometimes I have them do a sight word game, sometimes its a review game, sometimes it is spelling practice (play-doh spelling, rainbow spelling, stamps, etc.), sometimes it is free choice. This week was a review for our vowel teams. Students had to use magnetic letters to make the word for each picture. I made a Check card for each vowel team so students can check their work, some even needed to use the Check cards to spell the words.

There you have it folks! Hope it wasn't too long! I have seen awesome improvement in my Word Work and my students are doing fantastic with their vowel teams, and I know a big part of it, is because they are actually engaged in their independent Word Work station. To check get this vowel team pack click here, or on any of the pictures! The links will take you right to our TPT store! :)

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