Fraction Packed


We just cannot get enough of puns or units to help all of us (students included) out! I needed to buff up my 3rd grade fraction curriculum quite a bit so I created this fraction unit directly aligned to Common Core. My 3rd graders seem to have gotten a deep understanding of fractions from the last few weeks of work. Check it out!

My unit, Fraction Fun, begins with fraction models, moves on to number lines, next with equivalent fractions and finishes up with comparing fractions. Click on Fraction Fun or picture to find it on our Teachers Pay Teachers store. 


Fraction Models

IMG 1182

The best way to start teaching any math concepts is with manipulatives. We created fraction models together using different colored construction paper. Labeled all of them. Discussed part to whole. Then had fun, yes fun, manipulating and working with our fractions along with the lessons in the unit. 

Number Lines

IMG 1183

Next step? Number lines! We created number lines from tape on our tables. We worked with our fraction models and number lines and finally moved onto just number lines. We discussed part and whole again. We made sure to discuss the size of each part and how many parts there are for each number on the number line. Eventually they didn't even need the number line model and graduated to just pictures. 


Equivalent Fractions


Equivalent fractions, shmivalent fractions! My 3rd graders know their equivalent fractions like the backs of their hands, with a truly deep understanding of what they are and why they are equivalent. We used equivalent blocks first; viewing and discussing what fractions are the same size. We then moved onto equivalent fractions on the number lines. Another set of 3rd grade Common Core fraction standards nailed!

Comparing Fractions

And we are done! Finished up the fractions last week and I am so proud of my little 3rd graders. They have mastered comparing fractions and had a "whole" lot of fun along the way. We used fractions models to compare with partners and then moved on to comparing on number lines. This fraction unit saved my sanity and I'm sure my 3rd graders agree. I frequently heard "I love fractions!"


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