"Flipping" over Reading Comprehension Flip Books {Freebie included}!


 Quick post here, because it is 60 degrees out...in March...in North Dakota! That doesn't happen often, and my pup is begging me to take her out to play fetch!

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We worked hard on comparing characters this week! We read Frog and Toad and focused on the differences and similarities of the two characters. I think Frog and Toad are perfect characters for this project, because they have so many similarities AND differences! My students came up with some great ones. They also LOVE reading about those two crazy amphibians! After spending some time reading, and rereading, and partner reading Frog and Toad The Garden. We started to dissect the story and the characters using my comparing characters flip books. My kiddos always love flip books, and they had a lot of fun completing it! They turned out so cute next to First Grade Roar's free frog and Toad craft!

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I have created three Reading Comprehension Flip Books. Along with my Comparing Characters Flip Book, I also have a Book Report (retelling key events and parts of a story), and a sequencing events book. These are fun little ways I help my students practice reading comprehension and how I help myself teach some of the ELA standards. The kiddos "flip" over them. Excuse my pun!! The best part about them may be they are FREE! Click on the picture above or the link to take you to our TPT store: Reading Comprehension Flip Books Freebie.