Word Problems Unit

Unit Cover PageSee what our problem solving unit is all about, how it will work in your classroom, and how you can use it all year long!

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Let's Collaborate

let collaborate

Wow has it been a long time since I've blogged! My summer vacation was taken very literally and I vacationed all summer long. But I am back and ready to share with you a collaboration project that helped me, and my students, have the best first week ever! 

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The Ultimate Measuring Challenge


My second graders just finished up their measuring unit. How do you accurately assess a high interest math unit, which requires lots of hands on skills? With an ultimate measuring challenge around the classroom of course! 

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Robots: The First Step

I love Robots! I first became interested in using robotics in education in college. Only a few, short years ago I know, but since then my desire to use them with students has only grown. Fueled along the way by being introduced to project based learning and 21st Century Skills. Here's how I got Lego Mindstorm and Sphero Robots in my classroom and how you can too!

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